I work with individuals and their families to successfully break the cycle of addiction. Count on me for straight talk, humor, and the ability to listen.
I will help you find the skills and abilities needed to live life to the fullest.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is prevalent in our society and is a progressive, chronic, and often fatal disease. Whatever the substance you are addicted to – alcohol, food, drugs, or a person – you are using something or somebody to cover up your pain. It is characterized by impaired control over the use of the substance, obsession with how to get the next “hit”, and use of the drug regardless of negative consequences.

Establish Healthy Boundaries

Good boundaries are vital to healthy relationships. Our boundaries define who we are and determine how we are able to interact and relate to those around us. There are four types of boundaries that develop in human beings: physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual. Physical and sexual boundaries are external, while emotional and spiritual ones are internal mechanisms. Healthy boundaries are about setting limits to protect oneself.

Improve Communication

Communication is the giving and getting of information. How we communicate is important since most of our communication is non-verbal. The parts that make up the way we send the message include: what we say, tone of voice, body language, eye contact and facial expressions. The goal for the communicator is that the message that is conveyed matches what is going on inside.


Codependency starts in childhood and is caused by abuse, neglect, or overindulgence and other family patterns. A codependent is a person who depends on other people, places or things to generate their happiness. They have difficulty identifying their feelings and perceive themselves as being completely unselfish. They neglect themselves and then end up angry because others don’t appreciate what they have done for them.

Family Issues

Family Issues exist in every family where there is a dysfunction. A dysfunction exists where there is an imbalance in the family. The rules in a dysfunctional family are rigidity, silence, denial, and isolation. Where there is any kind of addiction whether it is drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, sex, pornography, etc., there is an imbalance and dysfunction. Restoring balance in the family is key to healthy relationships.


Spirituality is about having an awareness of something beyond ourselves which is in charge of the universe and staying connected to that source. We are human beings that are already spiritual. Spirituality includes qualities of awareness, generosity, humility, serenity, acceptance, responsibility, trust and honesty. Spirituality does not even require a belief in God as most people understand God.