I have a natural gift for counseling and a passion for helping others. Combined with my clinical experience, this creates an effective, proven approach that benefits people of all ages, backgrounds and income levels.

When you look for a counselor or a coach, you want someone who will listen, understand, and guide you lovingly and effectively. You want compassion and experience.

I have 30 years of experience working in settings where compassion isn’t just helpful… it’s essential. I combine a wealth of clinical knowledge with a positive, caring approach that works in the real world. Your world.

I hope that as you begin this therapeutic journey, you will trust me to make it with you.


Private Practice: Addiction Counselor / Life Coach

Newport Coast Recovery Center: Lecturer / Addiction Group Facilitator

Brookside Institute: Counselor

Sober Living by the Sea: Case Manager

Knollwood Psychiatric & Chemical Dependency Center: Supervisor / Case Manager


CSU San Bernardino, Bachelor of Arts in Socioloy, Women’s Studies

C.A.T.C., California Addiction Treatment Counselor

Specialist in Addiction Counseling

When does an addict become an addict? Every addict I have worked with doesn’t start out saying “I want to be a drug addict or an alcoholic.” They usually start out by experimenting and like how they feel when they take a drink or use a drug. Then because they felt good the first time, they will want to use again. Over time, the tolerance level starts to build up and they will need to use more and more to have that same feeling. This is when the addiction kicks in and they can’t stop. Addicts use drugs and alcohol when they are stressed about something and also to celebrate.

As a Certified Addiction Counselor, I have helped many people who have struggled with drugs and alcohol. It is when addicts get sober that other addictions will surface that need to be dealt with such as Love Addiction, Love Avoidance, and Sex addiction. I have worked with addicts individually and in giving lectures at treatment facilities on codependency, boundaries, relapse prevention, feelings, perceptions, family roles and self-esteem. The journey has just begun when an addict enters treatment and I am here to put lives back together in order for them to live an authentic life.